Friday, August 1, 2008

More Farewells

Joan, Carolyn, Victoria, Nini, Sharon
On July 3rd, we had a brunch at the house to honor Victorial and Nini's visit from L.A. The whole families got together for pancakes. It was really fun. We're blessed to have the Nasols as part of our extended family. Thanks for making the trip to see us. It was wonderful as usual, AND the shirts Victoria brought have been perfect for India. Thank you, thank you!
Ann, Nathan, Rick
We had a huge yard sale on July 5th. It was the most tiring day of my life. Gopal's too, I bet. My friend, Kim, came to help that day. What we would have done without her I have no idea. She worked at our sale all day long. She has sort of gift for that sort of thing. Did I get one picture of her helping? No! She's probably glad. Anyway, Kim, I miss you and will call you soon. Our friend and landlord, Rick, came with his wife, Ann, and their new son, Nathan. What a nice surprise! We hadn't seen Nathan yet. What a cutie!! Thank you all for taking the time to stop by. We'll be in touch.
Yamuna, Smriti, Muna, Carolyn
On July 7th, we had dinner at Yamuna and Bishnu's. It was even more special because Yamuna's mother, Muna, was there. We have a special friendship, and she has been living in Miami for a while now so I rarely see her. Bishnu and Yamuna are special friends of ours. It was so satisfying to spend time with them all including Dave and Smriti. Yamuna, you are in my heart always. I'll see you when I come back to visit.
Aimee, Kathy, Linda, Carolyn, Barbara
On July 8th, my meditation sangha had our farewell dinner together at Christopher's Nothing Special Cafe. Everyone was there except Sherry, who's in London, and Pien who has recently left the group. I love these women very much. What a wonderful group of women. It is hard for me to believe I will ever be able to find another group of such wise and warm people. I love you all and miss you very much.
On July 7th, Manohara took Gopal, me, Dinesh, and Ratna out for dinner at SaWaDee in Richmond. We got NO pictures! I wasn't thinking. I'm so sorry about it. We had a really wonderful time with Manohara, a very special friend to me. She is my daughter. Manohara, that pink outfit you gave me is the only one that is perfectly suited to the weather here. Friends here fitted it for me, so it looks really good. I'll try to send you a picture. I love you and miss you.

Carolyn, Shruti, Mihir

Jasoda, Carolyn, Merina, Shashi, Shruti, Mihir, and friend
On July 10th, we had dinner at the Sitaula's. Ishwar, Durga, Vivek, and Jasoda were all there, as well as Shashi and Shruti, Merina and Mihir, and the Sitaula's woman friend whose name I never got. I remember her fondly and apologize to her for my memory lapse. I sat with Shruti and Mihir, which was wonderful and special because I love them very much. I actually love all these people deeply and miss them every day. Carolyn, Pandi
Saturday, July 11th, was my last yoga class with teacher, Pandi, whom I love. Stephanie and I would meet there and take a walk and talk through the neighborhood after class. Pandi's class is mindful, surprisingly effective since it's so gentle, and fun. Thank you Pandi for being you. Being in your class was a privilege. I miss you.

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