Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Krishna's knee surgery

Batra Hospital
Batra Hospital lobby (note shrine)

On July 22nd, Krishna went to Batra Hospital for surgery on her knees. She had been suffering from a motorcycle injury since January. Here are some of the differences I noted between this Indian hospital and ones I know in the U.S.:
Temple in the lobby
The women ALL wore Indian dress, mostly sarees
Extremely clean, antiseptic smelling
Seemed reminiscent of U.S. hospitals 30 years ago
Nurses/female doctors wore white lab coats over white sarees, plus nurse cap
There's a place to leave your shoes when you go to visit post-op patients
In Orthopedics doctor's office, people stick their head into the office while the doctor is consulting with another patient to let him know they're there.
All the signs are in English, as well as all the doctor's notes
In Radiology, for example, everything was handwritten - not computerized
In General Reception, all the female staff wore uniforms which were orange or blue sarees (the hospital logo colors were orange and blue like Howard Johnson. Some days they were all in bright orange sarees; other days blue ones
The cars were stack-parked in the parking lot; the parking attendant would move cars blocking your car, but let you navigate your car out of the mess
There is no signage in the elevators
No gift shop
Security generally is not as strict, although after the bombings in Allahabad etc. our auto rickshaw was stopped as we approached the hospital so they could sweep a mirror on a long handle under the bottom of our rickshaw
Immediately before Krishna's procedure, they remove her toenail polish!

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