Thursday, July 31, 2008

Farewell Party July 13th

Carolyn, Rahman, Muska, Gopal

Rahman brought his daughters to the party. Najiba was tending to company at their house so couldn't come with them. We sure missed seeing her before we left, but we were thrilled to see and hug the girls. Gopal was partcularly happy to see Muska.

Hema, Laxmi, Carolyn, Jasoda

Ishwar, Shyam

All of our Nepali friends came all through the day. Since we couldn't meet them all individually, we were really happy they all came. We are so grateful to Shyam and Dinesh for arranging this event. This was the biggest party we ever had at our house. After the party, we had one last bhajan at our house. We feel very blessed.

Dexter at the party

Suzie and Dexter came for the day. Ramon had to attend a funeral in L.A. We missed him very much.
Katie, Zoey, Joan, Luke
Joan and Scott brought Katie and Zoey. Luke and Dianna came and spent the day. We will miss their wedding in August and will be waiting for pictures. Todd and Sharon came and shared our day with us. We said goodbye to them at the party.
Mike Huhman and Nelson came. Mike took wonderful pictures at the party that we're going to post separately when we get our DSL connection at home (in a few days). Mike came the day we left, and helped us get the house cleaned up by taking loads to recycling centers and one to the dump. Thank you so much, Mike. What would we have done without you? We not only appreciate your hard work, but having you there was important to us.

We want to give a special thank you to Genny who stayed until we left for the airport. Her quiet presence helped soften those frantic moments. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Farewell at SFO

Erica, Carolyn, Shyam, a friend, Gopal, and Ishwar at SFO

After Suzie, Ramon, and Dexter dropped us off at the airport, Ishwar, Shyam, Tilak, Kaushel, and Erica were all waiting with four of our suitcases. Thank you Ishwar and Company!!

Monday, July 28, 2008

7-27-08 Moving into our new apartment

Although Krishna and I didn't haul anything up and down all those stairs, we were still pooped when all their furniture had made it upstairs. (Krishna had knee surgery a week ago, so she's not moving very fast.)

Our friend Krishna and her son Raju moved into our new apartment. Here's a picture of Raju and his friend Sushil (pictured on the left), who helped them pack up their old apartement, move the stuff up 3 floors, then helped them unpack and put things away!! We love him.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Our Apartment in Delhi

It is more than a week now since we arrived in Delhi. Because of our Friend RK Verma we were able to find a decent two bedroom apartment and we are moving in slowly. We have to buy almost all the things that we left behind in California. But fortunately we are sharing the house with another old friend Krishna and her son Raju. They will bring most of the house hold items that we may need. Since we still do not have access to internet yet, we will be slow in reporting. Here are some pictures of our apartment.

Carolyn and Raju at the entrance of the Delhi Apartment.

A view from the balcony

Living room

Carolyn's toilet

Gopal's toilet
Living room ceiling

Since we moved in, we have been "negotiating" with the landlord about water supply. Things have improved, but if our water supply doesn't become more consistent and dependable, we will need to move out. Will keep you posted. Living and learning.