Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Matthew Stein: The Perfect Storm, Six Trends Converging on Collapse

One of the organizations I am connected with on Facebook is Eco WALK the talk. Bhavani Prakash posted the following article in The Huffington Post by Matthew Stein. It gives you a better idea of our reality. I couldn't agree more.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Starving patient at our clinic

Monday, 17 May, was our last clinic day til it opens again 2 June. One of the patients Monday I remembered from a few weeks ago. I remembered her because, although younger than I, she is ancient, almost unable to walk. When she came in Monday, I asked the doctor to see her on the bench in the waiting room where she was lying. To make a long story short, the diagnosis was malnutrition - "poverty." I was so upset to find that there was no food bank here. No place to go for food. When I told the other women working with me, they surmised, because her brother brings her to the clinic, that she was a widow who had come to stay with her brother, where she is probably expected to do all the work and eat what is left over, if any.

Starvation is a very bad way to die (or live, for that matter).

This is where cultures clash badly for me. I wept and expressed my outrage. We talked about the pitfalls of doing a food bank here. Then, I started the whole conversation again with Gopal when I got home. We have to do something about food for the very poor here. So, we're going to find out if anyone is doing anything we don't know about, and maybe we can help there, or help get the word out, and learn what may be standing in the way of access. Religion and caste could be two reasons why a food bank may not be accessible for some people, for example.

Worldwide Day of Prayer for Water, 18 May 2010

On the 17th, I got an e-mail from our friend Ellen Bepp. Here’s what it said:

We, the International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers ask you to join us:
MAY 18, 2010
Along with many peoples all around the globe, and many water prayers this spring, we are calling for a MASSIVE GLOBAL EFFORT. Our main intention for this healing is to return the waters to their original pure crystalline blueprint, and to add to their abundance for the nourishment of ALL living things on the planet.

Pray in your local waterways, at the rivers or lakes or streams. Or pray with a
bowl of water in the middle of the cities.
"We are Water Babies. Do not to forget to say thank you every day for the water you drink, the water you bathe in. Without our Mother water we would not survive." Grandmother Agnes Baker Pilgrim, Takelma Siletz, Oregon

The specific ceremonies being conducted on May 18, 2010:
Grandmothers will be holding Water Prayers in the following places:
African Rainforest, Gabon - Grandmother Bernadette Rebienot
Great Lakes, USA - Grandmother Rita Blumenstein
Mountains of Oaxaca, Huautla de Jimenez - Grandmother Julieta Casimiro
Desert of the American Southwest - Grandmother Mona Polacca
France - Grandmother Flordemayo
Black Hills of North America - Beatrice and Rita Long Visitor Holy Dance
Plains of North America, Montana - Grandmother Margaret Behan
Hood River, Oregon - Agnes Baker Pilgrim
Nepalese Himalayas - Aama Bombo
Brazilian Amazon - Grandmothers Maria Alice Freire and Clara Shinobu Iura
Tibetan Ceremonies in Canada - Tsering Dolma Gyaltong

Mahia, Aotearoa, New Zealand - Ambassador Pauline Tangiora

At the same time, people will be praying at nine specific bodies of water around the planet using crystalline energy:
· Lake Tahoe, California
· Lake Titicaca, Peru
· Lake MacKay, Australia
· Lake Chad, Africa
· Lake Bikkal, Russia
· Lake Kissyk-Kul, Kyrgyzstan
· Lake Geneva, Switzerland
· Lake Superior, Minnesota
· Colorado River Complex (Healing and Purification Ceremonies for this vital USA

"Water reflects the human soul. If you say, 'thank you' to water, it will be reflected
in the form of beautiful crystals overflowing with gratitude in return," Masuru
Emoto, The Secret Life of Water.

For more information: []


Gopal and I went to downtown Coonoor early this morning to do our water prayer at the Coonoor River which runs through downtown Coonoor. Here’s a short video of our little ceremony.

The following video we found in the Golden Eagle Ceremonies link above. It changed my perception of what water is. For Americans, the religious sources quoted will cause you problems, but I found it very interesting.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Baby at bhajans in California

John Cornell sent this picture of me holding one of the Nepali babies.  Isn't she the cutest little thing?

Monday, May 17, 2010

Farewell dinner with the Govindharajans

Aishwarya has graduated from CSI College of Engineering and is heading imminently to her mother's home in Chennai.

Mahalakshmi, Aishu's mother and the cook of our incredible spread

Apurva, Aishu's sister, whom I rarely see but look forward to getting to know better

Govindharajan and Aishwarya

Apurva, Mahalakshmi, Govindharajan, Gopal, Carolyn
(Aishu took the picture, and the pics with her in them didn't turn out well enough)

We had a nice evening. It is rare to have everyone together like this. We really enjoyed it. Mahalakshmi can really cook, and we had a very special meal.

Saturday, May 15, 2010


Gopal and I were having a fight at the time, so Gopal had shut himself in the office, hoping I wouldn't come in. A while later, I heard a vehicle come to the house and went to notify Gopal, in case it was our new Dish TV delivery. I tried opening the door, couldn't, so thought he had locked me out. We figured out the lock had given out in the door, and he couldn't fix it. There is no other access to that room. (At least he had a bathroom.)
Here's Gopal trying to fix the lock inside our office.

And here's our landlord, Chandran, trying to get him out on the other side of the door.

Eventually, Gopal dug the lock out of the door frame. What a pain.

Books: "The White Tiger" by Aravind Adiga

Our landlord in Brooklands, Bala Chandar, had been given this book by his daughter, Tejaswi.  He loaned it to us as when we visited them in Chennai.  I picked it up recently and read it.  It is sort of humorous in a dark way.  .  I recommend this book.  It will give you an understanding of the dark reality of India.

The White Tiger: A Novel (Man Booker Prize)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Yoga class 4-5 times a week

My yoga class is at the Taj hotel here in Coonoor.  This is the entrance drive.  I'm showing you this because coming here to do yoga in the garden is a wonderful experience.

This is what I look at when I'm resting on my back.  Sigh.  I should have done a video with all the bird sounds.  My camera wasn't able to show you the surrounding hills.  It's idyllic.

Vinod Kumar, my teacher