Tuesday, August 12, 2008

California Farewells

Dexter upside down wearing shoes my son, Mike, brought him from Paris when Dexter was newly born and wearing a t-shirt I bought him in Seattle when Gopal and I were dealing with Mike's death.
Carolyn, Todd, Joan

Suzie, Joan, Todd

On June 28th we celebrated my brother, Todd's, birthday with brunch at our house. Needless to say, it was emotional and wonderful and sad. My sister, Joan, stayed with me for the weekend, which I am so glad we did. Todd and I didn't get that kind of time, but our breakfast together did fill some of the gap. I gave Joan some stuff to store, and she took my plants. Thank you so much, Joan.
Youraraj Upreti family

On July 2nd we had dinner at Youraraj Upreti's house with his parents and other friends and family. The food was wonderful, and we had a really nice visit with our friends we love. The Upreti's have since moved to Miami, Florida, so Youraraj can go to graduate school in Physics. He'll be joining his cousin Krishna and his family, so they'll have an extended family there. We're thinking about you in your new home with great understanding.

On July 3rd, we went to Mani Nepali's home where all of our Nepali friends were gathered to honor us. They gave us a beautiful framed tribute and served us unlimited amounts of wonderful food and drink. Thank you Hema and Mani for your love and friendship. Thank you for that evening and the other evenings you have entertained us so generously.

Victoria in Suzie's kitchen

Suzie in her kitchen

Carolyn reading to Dexter

This is our first day with internet installed in our Delhi apartment. Sometimes
it works beautifully, and sometimes it doesn't. But the pictures are uploading much faster now. Yay!

On July 4th Ramon's mother and aunt came up from L.A. to say good bye and had us over to Suzie and Ramon's for lunch. The cooking was wonderful as usual and so was the company. Victoria always makes a special batch of egg rolls for Gopal and me because we're vegetarian. As I recall, we ate them gratefully on our last day in our Richmond house. Thanks Victoria and Nini!! As you've probably heard, I'm wearing those shirts you brought me. Perfect for India.

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