Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Monday, August 18, 2008 Delhi

Tannie Baig
Murad Ali Baig
Baig house in the treetops
Two of Krishna's good friends in Delhi graciously made time to meet us. Tannie Baig and her husband Murad Ali Baig offered us a remarkably tasty lunch in thier beautiful sylvan home in the treetops of Delhi. What a beautiful, comfortable home. The food was particularly good and healthy (Tannie is a chef). And their company was very stimulating (Murad Baig is an author, historical commentary). We appreciate so much the time they spent with us, and it was reassuring to meet Krishna's friends.

Carolyn, Krishna, R.S. Gae, Tehmina Gae, Gopal
Then we went to the home of Tehmina and R.S. Gae. Another beautiful, comfortable home where we had an exciting assortment of treats and met their cook Lizzie. Lizzie is from Tamil Nadu, so she and Gopal had a chance to talk in Tamil. Tehmina and her father were extremely warm and gracious with us. Gopal was given a beautiful pyramid with a clock in it that he really likes, and I was given a nightgown I badly needed. (Tehmina, it fits perfectly and has been worn since I saw you last!)
While I was posting this, the electricity went out, and then we left for Pondicherry. So, it's August 24th, and I'm finally posting this!

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