Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Arrival in Delhi

Krishna, Raju, Vimal, R.K., Gopal

On July 17th we landed in Delhi. Our friend R.K. Verma picked us up at the airport with two cars! One for our luggage (smart man) and the helpers he brought along and one for us. It was so good to see R.K. again, and Raju! R.K. took us to our old friend Krishna Singh's home. Her son Raju had greeted us at the airport. It was so great to see everyone.

Shinu, Arushi (in blue) and the other children
R.K., Arushi, Shinu

On July 18th we went for a puja at Arjun's where R.K. and his family were also guests. It was the first time I have seen R.K.'s family in five years. His youngest chld is 5, so i'm not sure if I saw her as a baby then or not. We had wonderful (spicy) food and got to watch all the children.
Krishna, P.K., Naman, R.K.

Carolyn, Naman, Krishna
(it was dark up on the roof so we couldn't see what we were taking)

Mala and Arushi

On July 19th we had dinner at R.K.'s up on his roof, nice and cool. The food and chai were really good and the moon was full. R.K.'s wife Mala and the girls were there, as well as R.K.'s brother P.K. and his son Naman. They all live in the same house that R.K. built.

Carolyn suffering

In the meantime, the mosquitos hit me very badly to the point I developed an allergic reaction to them. My whole body was covered in red welts. Went to the doctor and got some allergy pills, as well as Calidryl lotion. Nothing helped much. We borrowed a mosquito net but it helped a little. Misery.

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