Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Delhi sunrise
Krishna and Carolyn having breakfast on the balcony

Gopal buying vegetables


After laundry

Trang Nguyen

Realtor, Ravi, showing us apartments

Krishna in old kitchen

Street from Krishna's old apartment

Street from Krishna's old apartment

Street from new apartment

Picture from new apartment balcony

With the difficulty we have had in getting this blog posted, here are a few things that dropped through the cracks. Pictures from Krishna's original apartment, pictures from our new apartment, a picture of Krishna in the kitchen, a picture of our real estate agent ahead of our car on his motorcycle, and a picture of my long-time manicurist, Trang, doing my nails for the last time on July 11th. Then I found pictures doing laundry in the new apartment, Gopal buying vegetables on the street, Delhi sunrise

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