Saturday, August 23, 2008

August 20-22, 2008 Delhi to Pondicherry

Nehru Place
On Wed., August 20th, Raju's 21st birthday, he and Gopal went to Nehru Place, an electronics market in Delhi so Gopal could get a small, flat-screen monitor for our computer (we were taking it with us to Pondicherry). Around 7pm we took Raju to our neighborhood South Indian restaurant, Vrindavan, for dinner. We picked up an elderly neighborhood guy, Handaji.

Vrindavan Restaurant

At 9pm R.K. brought a car and took us to the train station. Our departure time was 10:30pm. We made it into our seats at 10:28pm. There were moments I idn't think we'd make it. Without R.K., we would not have made it.

Krishna in front of our train

Our train, the Tamil Nadu Express

An Indian train station

Here are some shots from the train.

Water buffalo

Carolyn trying to look happy on the train

Carolyn and Krishna in backseat of cab, Chennai to Pondicherry

Christian pilgrims walking 500 miles to a temple

Suzie, here are pictures of our apartment in Pondicherry til the end of August.