Sunday, August 17, 2008

Goodbye to our new apartment

Krishna doing puja
Mosquito net on our bed

Carolyn on the computer

On Wednesday, August 20th, Gopal, Krishna and I are taking the train from New Delhi to Chennai in South India (Tamil Nadu). In the meantime, it is my expectation that Raju will move out of our apartment into a different one. Krishna made a decision that she does not want this apartment because the landlord is not honest or considerate, he has overcharged us for our apartment, we are still waiting for drinking water, water is not dependable (we have none today), etc. These are just a few pictures to remind me of this place that I love. We agree with Krishna's decision. She has a trustworthy friend in the neighborhood who has at least one apartment for rent. We will come back to our new Delhi home in October.

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