Sunday, December 13, 2009

Third Anniversary of Mike's Death

Since I forgot to take a picture of us leaving the house on our memorial journey to honor the third anniversary of Mike's death at the temple on top of the hill, I snapped a shot of him at the foot of the road we live on as it merges with the big road. Please note the red mud where the hillside on the right came down during the storm.
Then I forgot to get a shot of the area outside Sim's Park, a local landmark, enroute to the temple. So this is looking back at the square near our house.

Then I forgot to get a shot of us turning off the big road onto this tea plantation road. This shot is looking back at it. sigh

A small Saravanamalai entrance temple by the road.

This walkway leads from the little temple up the hill. It is a shortcut to the larger Savanamalai temple we were going to on top of the hill. We decided to try it, even though I loathe taking these paths up. They are very steep and difficult.
View from the top of that trail. (By this time I was very irritated, and we were lost.)
We came to some beautiful homes, hoping to ask a servant how to get to the temple.
A gentleman here sent us back along the trail and then up where the houses ended.
Here's a shot of the hilltop we were seeking and a strained Gopal. (I am not fun when I'm mad.) Shortly after this picture, I slipped and fell on the road and practically landed on a small snake. Scared the hell out of me.
After an hour and a half, we gave up trying to find the temple. I was unwilling to go through the forest where there was no path. So we stopped here and did puja for Mike.

It started to drizzle.
It was very beautiful. The rain dripping from the leaves didn't show up in the photo.Gopal performed the puja.

This is looking back at the spot under the fallen tree.

Back at the entrance temple, we lit incense and camphor.
The road back home.

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