Thursday, December 24, 2009

Going to Ooty and Doddabetta after the storm

We took a taxi to Ooty, and unfortunately I was unable to get any meaningful pictures from the moving car. We were unable to go on our originally chosen route (where the road is open, we thought), because the road from that point was closed. So, we went another route, and it was astounding how much storm damage we observed. But, also, the route we took was all on back roads, so it was really beautiful, not commercial like the usual road between Coonoor and Ooty.

On Ooty Lake

Raju on Ooty Lake

Raju,steering our boat

Dexter, there's a little train that runs along the lake. (I was imagining you coming here and riding on the train with you.)

This is a mouse, which is a tunnel for that train. (I think it's a mouse, Gopal thinks it's a lion, and Raju says the back end of it is an elephant!
From Ooty Lake we decided to go to Doddabetta, the highest point in Tamil Nadu.

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