Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Our move to the Bedford neighborhood of Coonoor

Moving again was discouraging, and we only had one apartment to choose from, sooo........There are two bedrooms, each with full bath. This is the bathroom off our bedroom.


Living room end of the large room including the dining room

Dining room, where things are still stacked up since the storage is minimal and one of the storage cabinets isn't cleaned out yet by the landlord

Kitchen, with good storage space and two windows!

Office/spare bedroom

"Sun room," my favorite room in the house

This is the view down at the minimal yard and driveway. I tried to take a picture of the hills you can see from the Sun Room, but it rained all day and we are in the clouds then. I'll post the views when the sun shines through. It's really gorgeous.
This apartment is slowly growing on us.



It's so pretty up there! I can hardly wait -- 3 days to go.


Carolyn said...

Best of luck with everythiing. Keep me posted, Jim.

kaka said...

your new apartment looks really great!! lots of room and a sun room too??? i'm jealous!

i'm so glad to see so many trees in your pictures. enjoy