Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Yasmin comes for a visit, 9-12 October 2010 and dinner and Sheila and Chandran's

Yasmin is a friend of Krishna's who came for a visit in October.  We had never met Yasmin, but she came into our home and cooked and cooked for us.  It was a true delight.  We got to know her during her visit and said farewell a few days later.  We were all a little fatter and content.  It was a nice visit.

While she was here, we had dinner downstairs at Sheila and Chandran's.  Sheila is the doctor at The Clinic for the Poor and Chandran is a Coonoor attorney.  Our dinner at Sheila's was yet another fabulous meal.  She served masala dosa and idli sambhar.  It was truly delicious.

Raju, Krishna, Sheila, Yasmin, Gopal
Chandran, Yasmin, and Gopal as they admire Sheila's Ganesh collection

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