Monday, October 11, 2010

Tilak Sunar and his bride Nandani come for a visit 1-5 October 2010 - Sims Park

Raju got this shot from the sun room before Gopal left to pick up Tilak and Nandani at the Coimbatore airport.
Tilak and Nandani
The day they arrived, we took them to Sims Park near our house (Tilak, Raju, Krishna, Carolyn, Nandani)

Nandani's walking shoes

Gopal teaching me how to take pictures with my new phone.


Outside the entrance to the park, a vendor was selling bubbles and blowing them into the air.  One delicately settled on a thorn bush!
As you can see, Gopal and I are the nature geeks.

Trees have been planted at Sims Park since 1874. 
Lunch at Appu in Coonoor.  We had a very good lunch there and a lot of fun.

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