Friday, November 14, 2008

While we were looking for an apartment, we stayed in a hotel in Upper Coonoor. Right next door was Nankem Hospital which a friend highly recommended. So we walked over there to see if we could make an appointment with a primary-care physician, ya know? As we approached the front door of the hospital we passed this construction site there. I'm including this picture because you'll see a stuffed efigy hanging from the top of the construction. I see them all over the place. Gopal says it is to ward off evil spirits.

Hospital restaurant - very modest, but the dosa and tea are wonderful. It is staffed by one man who takes orders, cooks, and cleans up.
Dr. Prince - this is my new doctor - he's very knowledgeable, speaks great English, and seems to be the ER doc here. Prince is his first name. Gopal said it would be culturally insensitive of me to list his last name here. They really do avoid using their last names. My patient file in Gynecology says "Mrs. Caroline."

My patient visits cost $2; my pap smear cost $11; medicines are very minimal. There is no medical insurance.

Gopal's first haircut in a barber shop in 15 years
Rita, Krishna, R.K., Carolyn, Gopal, Tilak

On October 18th, Tilak and friends passed through Delhi en route to Nepal. Tilak graciously hosted a breakfast for us all. It was wonderful to see all of them!

Dexter, here are a couple pictures of autorickshaws:

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