Sunday, November 23, 2008

Misc. re living in The Nilgiris

Gopal and Shriya (6-yr.-old next door neighbor)
Gopal and I on a tour of The Nilgiri mountains
Misty mountains

I hope you can read this. It's very Indian.
Kolam in front of my door.
Kolam is a design in rice flour laid out in front of a doorway, traditional in South India
Gopal and Mariama, neighbors.
Mariama is my kolam mentor, having won first prize in her village for her kolam art.
Mariama, Shemi (Shriya's mother), Carolyn
Fruit plate for afternoon snack.
Wanted to feature it because it's so beautiful.
Clockwise: Sweet lemon (orange), persimmon, sitaphal, koyya (green guava)
A woman comes with a big basket of fruit to our door.
We get photocopies and passport photos in this little alley in Upper Coonoor.
The mosque is right behind it. Isn't it pretty?

Just a quick note on healthcare. Here, they do not do preventative care, so getting a flu shot was sort of cumbersome. That cost me $30, including the medicine. So, I have to tell them what I need, requiring me to be pretty well-informed. People do not have primary-care physicians. I have one because I asked for one, and Dr. Prince understood the concept.


Dexter said...

Nice! I like seeing your apartment from the outside and furnished on the inside. It looks cozy and comfortable. And your little neighbor girl looks like a charmer. So cute and elegant with her haircut and earrings. And the rules about the park are sweet. I like how they're trying not to sound too harsh... anyway, I love you and I miss you. Kisses.

SWAMI said...

My Dear Carlon & . Gopalan,
Sadar ai Jinendra,
Greetings for the year 2009. May peace, happines and bliss decend upon you.

PLeased to see how you have enjoyed your trip to Haridwar and Orchha palace.
With love and amity,