Monday, November 24, 2008

Coonoor Apartment

Our apartment is on the left end.
Lingama Colony (6 homes)
Our living room (with Atul and Shriya)
Shemi , Janaki, Carolyn in the kitchen

We have an upstairs bedroom, which we decided not to use as a bedroom because the stairs going up and down are so steep we were afraid we'd kill ourselves getting up to go to the bathroom in the night! But we have the computer there and hang our clothes up there. We're thinking about creating a cozy private space up there. Life in India is very sociable, ya know?

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Nini said...

Hi Carolyn,

This is the second time I'm leaving a comment on your beautiful blog. The first one was some time back in October because we were still in the thick of election when I wrote. Maybe I did not do it right and you never got it.
Anyway, your place looks so wonderful and most of all I'm glad to hear that you seem to be enjoying your stay. I know it will be much better that you have found an apartment.
I will spend Thanksgiving with Dexter in their new home. I know I will miss you at the dinner. But we will think of you. This day will probably feel strange to you. After many years of celebrating Thanksgiving. I wonder if the Indians have their form of Thanksgiving.
Have a very nice day. I was telling my sister that your place looks so nice, I might just decide one day to visit you and Gopal.

My best,

Nini (Ramon's Tita Nini)