Sunday, August 15, 2010

An update on our birds

It's so hard to get pictures of the birds,these photos are not going to be very exciting.  But we now have many, many birds (mostly sparrows) feeding, and we now have converted our Brooklands mailbox into a two-nest box.
Although we feed mostly sparrows, pigeons, Nilgiri Wood Pigeons, and chipmunks also feed.  We feed the ravens and crows cooked rice far from this feeding area.
This is the bird bath and a feeder.  But the birds actually eat mainly from the floor.

Near our front door is an electrical box high on the wall next to our kitchen window.  That's where we put the nest box.

Gopal at the front door.

Around the back near the clothes line is another feeder that doesn't get much action, but a little.
Exciting, huh?


Dexter said...

I don't expect exciting here. I just want to see your life. I like this post. :)

Did you make that nest box? How often do you have eggs/babies?

Carolyn said...

Gopal had made the mailbox for our apt in Brooklands, so we made a bird duplex out of it. From what I've read, it can take a year for them to warm up to a new nest box, sigh. I dragged gopal to Singara tea estate to troll for moss and other nesting material. Totally fun.