Saturday, August 14, 2010

New pictures of The Clinic for the Poor

Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning, I volunteer at The Clinic for the Poor run by the University Women's Association of Coonoor.
This is the first waiting room as you enter.
The next room in is the reception desk where I work.  This is the view of the initial waiting room from my room.  They take a number from my desk and wait until that number is called (in English which most of them don't understand).  I'm working on that, and Parvathy who works with me helps with language.
Jyoti is an employee of the clinic and kindly brings me hot water shortly after I arrive.
Me at the reception desk.  That day, Nargis Barucha was at the desk, but didn't want her picture taken because she had spilled so much oil on her hair, she couldn't get it out, and didn't like how she looked.  Nargis is 85.  Most days there are three of us at this desk - me, Nargis and Parvathy, a psychiatrist who has lived in London for the last 35 years.  When all three of us are there like that, I often help in the pharmacy.
Parvathy cleaning up the medical-records
When the patients register, they sit and wait across from the reception desk.
This is where I lost control of this post.  The program they have now in Blogger doesn't work very well, and I am unable to control or label my photos.  I had them in a logical order to show you how the patients make their way through the clinic, but the photos jump around and are impossible to return to their place.  So I need to tell you that after the patients leave the the 2nd waiting room near my reception desk, they go to see the doctor in the next room.  Then they go to the pharmacy. 

Promila Dhar distributing medicine in the pharmacy
Pharmacy (in the next room)
Sarah is the nurse, here working in the pharmacy
The room after Reception is the doctors' office.  The male doctor is Elias Jacob; then Dr. Sheila Chandran, my friend and landlady.
Doctors' office

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