Sunday, August 15, 2010

La Belle Vie restaurant opens near us

On 15 January 2009 I did a post about Bhoomi Shanti Project where they served vegetarian organic food beautifully, French style.  They moved to Ooty, not doing well up by Nankem Hospital.  They've been gone for months, and we miss their food.  In the meantime, an old, large English bungalow, fairly near our house, which had eventually served as a maternity hospital and then had stood vacant for a long time has been refurbished to become an elegant small inn.  Fado, Peter and Christopher of Bhoomi Shanti have been brought in to do the restaurant.  But it turns out they have also designed the guest rooms, so I'm not sure what the arrangement is.

So we have been waiting and waiting for the restaurant to open.  FINALLY, today was the opening of the restaurant, and they invited their loyal customers to the opening.  Here are the pictures.

This veranda is the entrance to the restaurant.
The dining room
Christopher and Peter (Did I say Christopher, Fado and Peter were all from France?)
View from dining room
Also from dining room.  I know it doesn't do it justice.  The view is gorgeous.
By the way, I took a journey through Google Help after my last post, posted a question on their forum regarding controlling uploaded photos, and someone responded, giving me the knowhow to do it correctly.  This is going very smoothly.  I'm so happy about it.

This is the other dining room, known at Christopher's room (Peter and Gopal).
Gopal and Fado
Fado and Peter
Shanthi worked for them up by Nankem as a waitress and is now the boss (per Peter).  Not sure what that means, but may be that she's in charge of the kitchen which would be wonderful for her.
The next couple pictures are the kitchens.
Since they also serve non-veg food, all the veg and non-veg are cooked separately, even separated into different refrigerators.

As we were leaving, Fado asked if she could show us a couple of the rooms.  I was really interested in that, so......
From the first dining room is this hallway to the rooms of the inn, all still under construction.
View from the hallway
This shower stall may not look like much, but I have not seen one since I've been in India.  sigh
Doorway off the corridor - lovely
Lovely sitting area near that door.

That's it.  Unfortunately, they are only open from 3:30 to 6:30pm weekdays.  Because they offer really good coffee and fresh baked bread, I would love to go there in the morning.  They open very late morning on Sundays for brunch, however.  Hmmm.  Really looking forward to being able to walk over there, ya know?

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Marcela said...

So happy that "La Belle Vie" opened last weekend. Had the pleasure to visit it yesterday...wonderful place, great location, delicious food and most important Fado, Peter and Christophe thank you for being such fine hosts. All the best!