Sunday, April 4, 2010

Travelling and Healthcare

We have been home for 9 days and are still recovering.  Our trip was 36 hours door to door.  Gopal is still dragging, we had significant swelling in our hands and feet for a few days, and I contracted a laryngitis bug that tangled with my asthma since I have been back.  It's been about a week since the bug began.  Initially, I started looking for an inhaler when I could feel the asthma-like symptoms starting.  Needless to say, I looked for Albuterol since that's what Americans use.  (Here, you don't need a prescription; you can just ask for a certain drug, and you get it.)  The pharmacist I go to near the house didn't carry inhalers but would order one if I could give him the dosage.  Another pharmacist nearby had only Cipla inhalers ($2), from Mumbai.  So, I went to my doctor for help.

To make a long and discouraging story short, I haven't slept much for a week.  The nights are painfully long since I have a hard time lying down without coughing.  The doctor didn't talk about them, but I believe dust mites are the main issue, and that is such a life-altering problem.  I think my asthmatic/allergic reactions began with the bedding we slept in in the U.S.*, aggrivated by living in a dehydrating, upholstered, enclosed environment travelling, then returning to a house that had been closed up in pretty intense heat for 5 weeks.  Throw in the laryngitis bug, and for me it was "The Perfect Storm."  My sense that I had found a place where I could be healthier has been shattered.  How must I change my travel back and forth to the U.S.?  Extremely, extremely discouraging.  At least the healthcare, so far, has been easily affordable.

I know my health situation is at its worst right now and will get somewhat better.  But, we're looking at getting air-conditioning, western washer and dryer, a cleaning person.  Big, expensive things.

*  In both places we stayed, we were very comfortable and well cared for.  I just have an allergic reaction triggered by the presence of dust mites, which are abundant in mattresses, stuffed furniture, carpet, etc.

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