Tuesday, April 20, 2010

New blessings in my life

Several new things have been added to my life here since our return from the U.S.

The first is a screen on our bedroom window! That means I can get fresh air without mosquitos in these hot days and evenings. Makes sleeping much more comfortable. Very positive change.

The second is that I am settling into my volunteering at The Clinic for the Poor, which I enjoy.

The third is we have hired Sakundhala, the woman who works as a gardener downstairs for our landlord. She comes two hours a day, three days a week and mops the floors and dusts. When we were sick for so long upon our return, we were unable to keep up with the cleaning. I am glad to have the help and glad to give her a hand. (Sunday evening, Sakundhala did fire walking at her temple; she started with us the next morning. Gopal doesn't think much of it since that's what people do. I honestly think I could and would do it if I was part of that temple community. It's a mind-control thing. I have great respect for that.)

And, I am going to yoga again, this time in the afternoon 4-6 over at the Taj Hotel where Vinod, my yoga teacher teaches 6 days a week in the afternoons. I am planning to go 6 days a week. I have gone for two days so far and enjoy the walk over there and back. (Back is uphill and hard at the end of the day but good for me.)

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kaka said...

sounds wonderful!

and i miss you

take care