Saturday, April 17, 2010

Quantum Touch Healing workshop

Carolyn, Sheila, Malathi (our hostess), Vanya, Yana (Earth Trust volunteer), Malathi

My landlady and friend, Sheila (second from left), invited me to a quantum-touch healing workshop at her cousin Malathi's house nearby. I turned her down twice, not being very keen on learning something that outside my realm of comfort. But eventually my secret interest in healing lead me to say Yes. We had a wonderful, yet very long day. To my delight, Vanya was to be our teacher, and another friend Malathi was also there. It was a two-day workshop crammed into one day. Our hostess Malathi is making a copy of a dvd for me so I can learn more. I liked that it was so physical, that it was so loving and could also be done distantly. It was a revelation to me that our innate energy could be channeled like that. Living and learning .....

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