Monday, March 29, 2010

Sacramento, California - 6-10 March 2010

On Friday, 5 March, after my yoga class and lunch with my brother, Todd, Gopal and I went to Sacramento to see my sister, Joan, and her husband, Scott, for the weekend. This is a really special time for them as they're in the process of buying a house.

Scott, Joan, Carolyn in front of Scott and Joan's new house
Joan's daughter Katie and her daughter Zoey live with Joan and Scott. Here's Joan reading to Zoey.

It is my hope that every time I go to Sacramento to visit, Joan and Scott take me to Tower Restaurant. Sigh.

Joan and Scott at Tower Restaurant

Carolyn and Gopal

Consumnes River Preserve

Before we knew it, the weekend was over. We really had a wonderful time with them. Never saw them again before we left. :(

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