Thursday, November 15, 2012

50th High School Reunion- 22-27 August 2012 - Rocky River, Ohio

A few of "the girls" got together for lunch on Thursday before the reunion festivities (Cathy, Linda, Sue, Janeen, Pat)

Linda and Sue
Friday evening, we all met at a local pub.  Here's my old friend, Pat, looking at pictures together.



Rocky River High School
After the high-school tour, we met at Bearden's, our old burger joint, for lunch.  Here's my brother clowning outside.

Gopal and I were using new-to-us phones, which turned out to have very poor cameras unfortunately, so many of our photos didn't turn out.  The pictures outside turned out pretty well, but inside - very bad.
We came to Cleveland with my brother, Todd, and his wife, Sharon   Todd was doing the driving and thankfully took us to "the Valley," a lovely river valley that forms an"emerald necklace" around Cleveland.

The final reunion event was dinner at a local country club.  Here, I'm talking to my dear friend, Sue.

We shared our dinner table with Judy and Tim Stevens, who I hope will travel to India and visit us.

Lute and Sue

Steve and Janeen

Sharon and Todd
Sharon and Todd

Cleveland Museum of Art with Sharon and Todd

The building is very beautiful, with layers of granite accenting the great lines

Todd and Sharon were in Cleveland to shop for a condominium and possibly move to Cleveland.  The two brick smock stacks mark the place where they did buy a condo.

The view of Cleveland from Edgewater Park

Walking back from the beach at Edgewater
We had such a great time together.  It was a good week.

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