Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Road paving and water-tank repair - July 2012

Here is the house with a hole cut in the roof of the wate tank, with a worker in the tank (above the roof of the house).

Since the condrete water tank is cracked and leaking, we are having these two plastic tanks put up there.
Gopal climbed up there and took this picture.  There is a guy in the tank on the right, probably working on the plumbing.
On the fifth day with no water, they set up this tank and filled it with water.  No water pessure, but it was nice to have some water.
In the meantime, at the mouth of our driveway, the road paving crew set up their tar-brewing fire and drums.
Here, the workers are spreading the asphalt on the road.
This is across the street from our front door, where they are adding the gravel to the tar, creating the asphalt (very noisy).

This guy rolls over the freshly laid asphalt a couple times.

After all this noise and stench, Gopal was at the doctor's with a full-blown miraine.

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