Sunday, June 14, 2009

WorldNomads travel insurance

In preparation for my trip from India to California in March, Gopal and I shopped around here in India, thinking we may be able to pay less for travel insurance here, but when we tried to sign up with Bajaj, their questions and requirements for proof of this and proof of that became unreasonable. So, we asked for our money back (and got it), got on line, and quickly found WorldNomads insurance.
I ended up paying $239 for 3 months, although I only needed two months and a couple days, just to be safe.
After one week in California, I fell and the injury I incurred on one of my toes became infected. To make a long story short, it was a difficult infection to heal, and I incurred hundreds of dollars in bills. Of the $583.78 I incurred, WorldNomads paid $563.96 (97%). I paid the medical bills, then submitted the receipts to WorldNomads in Amsterdam, Denmark. I had the reimbursement by the time I got home to India. I spent $15 each time I mailed them receipts ($31 altogether).
I highly recommend WorldNomads and plan to use them again.

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