Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sims Park, 21 June 09

Gopalsami, Carolyn
Sims Park has many, many healthy bees. There's a 100+ year old tree with several very large hives.

As we were heading toward the exit, Gopal fortunately stopped someone to ask the name of the flowers (Salvia). Just as she told us the name of the flowers, a dead tree fell right next to me. I had my back to it, but I could hear it and I could see the expression of a woman facing me. I screamed bloody murder because I thought I was going to be crushed by a huge tree. Thanks to Gopal, it missed me. My heart is still pounding. It was not my day to die. This picture shows the tree behind me.Recovered


Dexter said...

Oh my god, how scary!! I'm very glad that didn't land on you. Ugh...

Carolyn said...

It was terrifying, that's for sure.
Love you