Tuesday, May 19, 2009

3-8 May 09 California

On Sunday, 3 March, my brother Todd and I went to the old YWCA building in Japantown San Francisco to watch his wife Sharon Sato dance in a special performance depicting the internment of Japanesse-American citizens during WWII and its impact on the community. Again, I forgot to take photos until after the moving and artful performance. The dancing was very good, the diaglogue was directly from chronicles of interned people and their friends, the accompanying music was original, well played and haunting (Peruvian bamboo flute and Swiss Hang), and the sets were also original and imaginative, although most of us couldn't see them until the performance ended.
After the performance, the creators and performers, as well as former internees all talked about the performance, its creation and their experiences.
When everything was cleaned up, we joined the creators and performances for a good Japanese meal. Again no pictures. But it was a very stimulating and engaging group. I miss that.
On Wednesday, May 6th, my friend Shyam Pathak had a day of work so his wife and youngest daughter accompanied me to a car tour of Tilden Regional Park in Berkeley/Oakland.
Shyam, Sunita and Yasoda

Lake Anza

Afterwards we had lunch at Cafe Raj in Berkeley

On the 8th, I had a chance to visit my friends Tilak and his mother Lakshmi, here with a woman who rents from them

Tilak, Lakshmi and friend

Later that day, Suzie brought me and Dexter to a mailing party at Bananas where she works. There was lots of pizza and goodies. Lots of nice people and incredibly cute children.

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