Wednesday, May 20, 2009

13-17 May 09 California

Quilley and I went for a walk together on the Albany, California, coastline, which is a recovering industrial area where artists have created sculptures and installations from materials left behind by industrial and marine entities. It was a great walk, good conversation, good friend, interesting artwork.

Lunch with Quilley after our walk

THE HIMALAYAN FAIR, 17-18 May 2009, Berkeley
Joint Assistance Centre is a non-profit Gopal started to help with disaster relief in India. Over the years it developed into an international volunteer agency sending volunteers to community projects in India, Nepal and Bangladesh. With our new U.S. non-profit status, the organization is endeavoring to add fundraising to our mission. Every year we have a table at The Himalayan Fair in Berkeley.
Alan Astrop looking at our displays

Genny, Patricia, John visiting while Stephanie puts up the Department of Peace tables at the back and side of our booth

Effie, Himalayan Treks

Joan (my sister), Dexter (grandson), Suzie (daughter), Sharon (sister-in-law), Todd (brother)
Joan, Dexter, Suzie, Sharon and Todd all came to have breakfast before the Fair on Sunday. Nice to have everyone together like that. Joan came on Saturday morning and stayed until mid-day Sunday. How wonderful that was to have more time with her and have her company at the Fair.
This man was playing this haunting Tibetan horn, as well as the singing bowls in front of him

Todd, Dinesh and Sharon

Shyam and Yasoda Pathak

Dinesh and Joan

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