Wednesday, April 22, 2009

14-18 April 09 California

So homesick for Gopal, but going back to some of my favorite activities.
World Literature class
This class is free for seniors at the Albany Senior Center. It is a group of very well-read people, with a wonderful teacher, Bill. It is so stimulating, and the humor level is great. It is a rare pearl.
Morris Benegra in the World Lit class is always drawing, mostly portraits, honing his already prodigius skill. I'm going to try to get a picture of one of his drawings for you.
Suzie and her friend Libby

Libby's son Jasper and Dexter trying to blow bubbles

Dexter and Jasper were making chocolate cupcakes that day
(I tried to get a picture of them making the cupcakes, but they never were together long enough before one of them wandered off, ya know?)

On Wednesday, 15 April (Dexter's 3rd birthday), Joann and I had lunch together. On Thursday, I had lunch with my friend Erica and didn't think to take her picture.
Dexter's 3rd Birthday Party

Suzie (with the help of Bukaroo) enhancing the kolam for Dexter's birthday party, Saturday,
18 April
The party begins

The front yard

Some people hung out in the back yard

Ramon's brother, C.J., playing with the children

There was so much great food (Ramon's mother, Victoria, in background)

The children all tried hitting the pinata
(The children were so little, they didn't make much of a dent in the pinata. Ramon had to hit it very hard to break it open so the candy fell out for them.)

The children picking the candy and toys from the pinata out of the grass.

The birthday cake

One of the mom's getting ready to leave, with her second child on her arm

Ramon's family came for the party. This is his aunt, 'Tita' Nini, his mother Victoria, and Suzie.
The quiet after the party (Dexter and C.J.)

C.J., Ramon, Dexter, Suzie, Victoria, Nini

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