Monday, April 13, 2009

1-13 April 2009 in California

Dexter on my bed

This is for my friends and neighbors at home. This is Suzie's kolam! I made one with white chalk, and Suzie enhanced it with colors and more designs. Isn't it beautiful?

On 3 April, Dexter had his hair cut at a magical children's barber shop that I forgot to take a picture of. Afterward, we headed for Sushi House on the beach in Alameda where Suzie and I have a long tradition of eating with Dexter. They went on to walk and play on the beach after lunch. I was so cold, I went shopping for a tea filter like mine in India. Can't find it.

The following day, I drove north to spend time with my friends Quilley and Eliza Grace. Did I take any pictures of them? NO! Missed so many wonderful photo-ops. Hopefully, I'll see them again. Working on that. On the way back south on the freeway, I decided to stop at the Olompali State Historic Park. Gopal & I never managed to go there in the past so I couldn't pass up the opportunity. What a beautiful place. The most significant aspect of it is the ruins of the ranch house of the first native American to own a ranch in California, which I couldn't get a picture of because it was housed inside a building you could not enter.

It's hard to see them,but there are wild turkeys in a couple of the pictures.

Beautiful old barns

Native American grinding stone

On the 6th, my friend Joann and I had a sandwich in a park because I was babysitting for Dexter. Didn't get a picture in the park either, but remembered when we were getting back in the car.

That evening, I think, Suzie and Ramon took Dexter and me to the neighorhood park. Here they are letting Dexter "run like the wind" between them.

Ramon and Dexter

On the 7th, Stephanie's birthday party at her house. Again, no pictures!

On the 8th, I went to Shyam's for lunch, Here is Sushil, Shyam,, Yasoda, and Shrijana. Naturally, it didn't occur to get pictures with Shilu and Sunita as they passed through on their way to school. I was very satisfied to be able to see all of them, even for a short time.

I took these pictures of Dexter and the puppy, Buckaroo, trying to give you an idea of the energy level in this house. But, I failed. It might help to add the barking of the puppy and the squealing of Dexter as they chase each other around the house.

On Friday, the 10th, I joined my friends Kim and Stephanie at yoga, taking a walk and having lunch with Stephanie after yoga. Then, I headed up to Sacramento to spend a couple days with my sister, Joan. We celebrated Joan's daughter, Katie's birthday with Katie's daughter, Zoey, and Joan's husband, Scott.

Scott magically put some of Joan's music on my laptop. I'm listening to it now as I'm posting this blog. I have had a hard time finding good free music that wasn't classical. I got plenty of free classical downloads, but nothing else. I can't express how wonderful this is. Needless to say, Joan's taste in music is nice for me.

My weekend with Joan wasn't what either one of us were hoping. I had injured myself on Saturday, the 4th. I fell in Suzie's yard and banged myself up from head to toe. My knees and elbows are still badly bruised. The worst is, though, that one of my toes got the skin scraped off it, and that wound got infected. So, Joan nursed me. And I was so tired.

Joan and Scott in the gardens behind the State Capital building.

The California State Capital Building

Can you see where my toe rings used to be? That's the infected toe. Scott pried the rings open so we could remove them. Fortunately, you can't tell how disgusting this toe looks.
My sister, Joan

Todd and Sharon stopped in on their way to Mimi's, so we had Easter lunch.
Sharon, Todd, Scott, Zoey, Joan, Katie

After lunch, I hit the road back down to Oakland. So what were the Nasols doing on an Easter afternoon? Karaoke! I've never done karaoke. It was so much fun, And I had been singing all the way from Sacramento to a Patsy Kline tape. I was all warmed up!

So, this morning I spent some wonderful time with my friend Kim. We were gabbin' over coffee and scones on Grand. (Did get a picture of her, huh?)

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