Monday, February 9, 2009

Neighborhood wedding

On Sunday, 8 February, the beautiful daughter of the guy who delivers our milk married the handsome young man who lives across the creek from us.The pink house is the groom's house, buzzing with activity before the wedding.
(Picture taken from our front door.) Shemi and Janaki leaving to attend the reception

(Turns out the wedding was early that morning, so we attended the reception. I didn't want to go without my friends and didn't realize I was missing the wedding.)
The church
(Although it was a Hindu wedding, it was held at this Christian church, probably because of its facilities.)
The mothers of the groom and bride

The dining hall
Banana leaf as plate as food is being served

Bride and groom (out of wedding costumes)

Father of the bride, Chandran, our milk man

The bride and groom coming home

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Dexter said...

Dang! You've been a busy girl! That's a lot of posts! It was neat to see the pix of the wedding festivities. Do people dance at receptions like here?