Thursday, January 22, 2009

Walking through my neighborhood

Friends have asked me about shopping here, and do we have something like Safeway or Longs. Well, here's a view of our walk in the morning that takes us through Boys Company, the village we live in. It should answer those questions.
Gopal and neighbor Gopal in front of me as we walk along the main road to town
Boys Company

Where we buy our vegetables

The tailor

The Gopals where we buy our newspapers (one English "The Hindu Times", one Tamil)

Where we buy our fruit (the flaps are to shield the produce from the heat of the morning sun)

The other Gopal and Carolyn walking through military housing
(I tried hard to fit in and not wear my hat, but I just broke down and started wearing my hat to keep my cataracts from growing, ya know? Wearing that hat, I will never fit in.)

Where we buy flowers
I buy flowers for our home shrine, and they also sell strings of white fragrant flowers women of Tamil Nadu wear in their hair

Bakery (blue sign) and pharmacy (red sign next to it)

Boys Company's bus stand, where the buses stop

Someone taking grass home for the cows

Meat vendor
Gopal and I are vegetarian so never shop here, but I had to show you. In the cages closest to the front wall on the left of the doorway are chickens. It's awful.

The hardware store (needless to say, autorickshaws park along that part of the road)

Homes along the road home

A temple
Lingama Colony where we live (the driveway is just next to that yellow cement mixer)

Mariama, the other Gopal's wife

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