Thursday, January 15, 2009

Bhoomi Shanthi Project Organic Boutique and Restaurant

While wandering outside Nankem Hospital, we recently noticed a building out back with a new sign reading Organic Boutique. I never see the word Organic here in Restaurant. I found badly needed biodegradable dish soap, brown and red rice, and many other organic products I hadn't seen since leaving the U.S. Fado was the proprietress, an avid organic gardener, with a heavy French accent. Take a look at this elegant place. The food, cooked by Christopher, is organic right out of Fado's garden and prepared with such skill and taste, it has been a real pleasure to eat there. So delicious and so healthy! Yay!

Gopal in the restaurant

I plan to visit Fado in her garden, so will report further about their garden and their project, which strives "to preserve Mother Earth and yur health, leave a heritage and Peace to our future generatioons located in The Nilgiris."

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