Friday, February 10, 2012

January 2012

Clouds over Mettapalayam, on our morning walk 4 January.

Our friends, Atul and Shriya, with Gopal on our 8 January visit.

Sun going down behind the clouds, evening walk

We named this street dog Ganzhu
On our walks through Singara, this is the sign on the first tea stand we pass.  It makes us laugh.

The building on the right is The Clinic for the Poor where I volunteer.  On 11 January, as we were closing up for the day, the little old woman in the picture came for pain medication.  She was so frail, she couldn't sit down to rest.  So much pain.  She lives down the hill straight ahead in this picture.  The road is steep, with terrible holes and rough pavement.  Not knowing she couldn't sit down, I pulled my car up and tried to put her in my car so I could drive her home.  But, no.  After she left, I cried for her and her life.  She was also malnourished.  It makes me cry while I type this.

29 January was my friend Sheila's youngest son's wedding.  The picture doesn't do justice to the beauty of my new saree for the occasion.  The wedding was beautiful and so were the bride and groom.  The food was good, and I think I saw every person I know.  Fun.

Beautiful Sara came to help me into my saree.  She's wearing a saree her new husband gave her which is really gorgeous.

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