Tuesday, December 6, 2011

24-29 November 2011 - Thanksgiving and Beyond


On Thanksgiving (24 November), I was very homesick for my American family.

So, we decided to go to the Taj hotel for dinner.

Salad bar


Our friend, Govindharajan, and Gopal

The food was extremely good.  What a treat!  And my friend Parvathi was there having dinner with friends.  We had a  nice Indian Thanksgiving dinner.


Monsoon started while I was in Caifornia, raining every day for weeks.  The rain took a break after I returned, but then started up again with a vengeance.  

Gopal and I walk to the Singara Tea Estate early in the morning every day, pretty much.  Here's a little video clip of what our walk looks like when the rains have been heavy.

Here's a shot from our morning walk, looking down on the clouds over Mettapalayam  which is down the mountain.

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