Saturday, November 26, 2011

6-13 October 2011 - London, California

My husband and I left our home in Coonoor, taking a taxi to Coimbatore airport where we flew to Chennai.    I flew on to London later that day; Gopal took a train to Delhi.

I landed in London on the 5th, went sightseeing on the 6th, then flew on to San Francisco the following day.

Dexter met me at SFO dressed in a kurta pajama I had bought him years ago.  He looked so cute,  I couldn't believe it!  (Turns out his parents had bribed him to wear the outfit.)

The first full day in Oakland, we all went for a walk.
Ramon, Dexter, Suzie

A little snake we encountered on our walk

One of the first things I did was put a bird feeder outside Dexter's bedroom window.   (No birds ever fed from it while I was there.)
On Monday, the 10th, I went to see my friend Tilak and his wife Nandani, who had come recently from Nepal.  It was magical to see her in the U.S. with him.  And it was nice to see Tilak's mother, Laxmi.

On Wednesday, Suzie's friend Jenny brought her new baby, Ellory, over to show us.  Suzie had a hard time keeping her hands off that baby. 

Jenny with Ellory's older brother, Oli
The next day my sister, Joan, came to stay over so we could go to the Bioneers Conference the following day.  Our brother, Todd, and his wife, Sharon, came by to eat take-out pizza and salad with all of us.  Coincidentally, it was Sharon's birthday.  It was fun.

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