Sunday, September 25, 2011

27 August 2011 - Mike's birthday

This was taken on our walk in Singara tea estate on 21 August.  The small, lighter colored bison is a baby who was jumping and running around.  Wasn't quick enough to get a video of it.  But this shot was very close to our trail.  (The big males make me a little nervous.)

So, Saturday, 27 August, was my son's birthday, so we went to the little temple on the mountain, Saravanamalai, a Murugan temple.  We asked Prabhu to come with us.  He always comes with us.
Prabhu and Gopal climbing up the hill through the forest toward the temple.

At a familiar junction in the trail, we found that the Forest Department was planting  native plants right there.  Very good!  Since there are sooooo many eucalyptus trees in this forest, it will be interesting to see how successful these plants and trees will be.

Here's our little temple perched upon enormous granite rock.

Prabhu helping us clean up the temple by sweeping with a  branch.

The temple is very small, and this is the Murugan picture inside.

View from the temple grounds

On our way down over the rock

A little temple built into the rock on the way down
A little temple on our trail back down.  (We always do a little puja at each little temple, burning incense at each one.)

Just had to show you my new saree that I wore to a lunch on the 30th of August.  I'm standing in front of our front door.

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