Monday, August 22, 2011

3-19 August 2011

Monkey invasion

Many babies

Bison 6-8-11 on our walk through the Singara tea estate near our new house

View from the Tantea guest house 9-8-11 where we had dinner with Govindharajan and his sister Rukumani who was visiting from their home village

Govindharajan, Carolyn, Rukumani

Gopal, growing a beard

Govindharajan, Kanakaraj, and Rajendra at the guest house
View of our house from the street

From the front

The apartment downstairs

Sunrise at Singara (5:55am)

Widening our street

Malati, Vanya, Carolyn
On 12 August Malati invited us for her husband Ashok's birthday.  Malati and Ashok now live across the street from us.  Vanya founded Earth Trust in the Nilgiris

The wonderful spread

Ashok, Netha
Netha is a wonderful cook and professional food counselor who cooked wonderful treats for us.  

Carolyn and Sachi, Netha's daughter, who is heading for film school in Paris

We spontaneously decided to sit around the buffet table so we could eat and gab there.
Maji (Ashok's mother), Carolyn, Ashok, Malati, Netha, Vanya

Netha, Vanya, Sachi, _______
More bison at Singara 15-8-11

Found this guy in the geranium in the garden (about 3" long)

Eveniing at Singara 19-8-11

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Neeta said...

Hey Caroline, I was visiting your blog and found pictures of the lovely evening spent together :-) All your other photos are amazing too!!! We've been a little busy but would love to see you'll again one of these days....Much love, Neeta xox