Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Picture of Suzie and Dexter - May 2011

Love this picture.

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Neha said...

Dear Ma'am,
Your blog was a wonderful experience. I lived your journey through you in just one evening.
I am a North-Indian and live in Dehradun at the moment, capital of Uttarakhand(formerly Uttaranchal) just a two-hour drive away from Haridwar. Despite this, I have not really seen most places beyond my state in India. Though being just 18, I'm sure that will change. However, having had a privileged upbringing, at times I was shocked to see the conditions people are forced to live in.
However I was not surprised about the language barriers you faced, having been at the same position not quite a month ago when I went to Chennai for college entrance counselling.
I would love to chat more on this with you if you are interested. If not, it's okay too. I look forward to reading more of your journey :).
My contact information is as follows: