Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Snake dance 2 March 2011

Just to show you how slow life is here, Gopal and I were looking (out our bathroom window) at one of the street dogs taking a nap in a pool of sunlight on the lawn of our neighbor's empty house.  In the background was movement.  It took a minute to realize that it was two snakes in a mating? dance.

They were so preoccupied with this process that they fell down an embankment into the road.  We went to see what happened and saw that one was about six feet long and the smaller about five feet.  Our approach encouraged them to climb back up onto the lawn where they resumed the dance.  Isn't it amazing?!

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Dexter said...

Wow! The snake video is great! Can you email it to me or post it on facebook? Do you have the ability to edit it? You could edit out the first shaky bit. Or i can try to do that for you. It really is an amazing video. Nice job.