Wednesday, June 30, 2010

27 June 2010 - Visited Shriya and Atul in Ooty

Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures, but did get this one of Shriya.  (Atul is very camera-shy.)
Shriya and Atul, our neighbors in Boys Company, have now moved to Ooty, about 14 kms away.  On Sunday, Gopal, Raju and I went over to visit them in their new home.  After Gopal, Raju and I took the kids to the botanical garden nearby, it rained so hard without stopping, so we raced home in the rain through street rivers in our good shoes.  It was fun.  Vijay came home for lunch, and Shemi served us a very lovely vegetable biriyani lunch.

We had a great day with them, and then I drove home.  It was raining, and the drive was challenging as usual.  I'm getting there (slowly).

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