Friday, January 1, 2010

29-30 December 09 Chennai

We had made arrangements with the curator of the J. Krishnamurti exhibit 'World in Crisis' to order posters featured in the exhibit, so Tuesday, the 29th, we took the Gosavis to the J. Krishnamurti Foundation so we could take care of that. Their friend Rudy came along and we got to know him a little better.

Gopal and Rudy, from the Netherlands (he has lived in India for 7 years)

We left the Gosavis later and returned to our guest house. That's Gopal walking toward Auroshree Guest House.

Later we went for a walk from our room, a very urban walk. Then we came to what appeared to be an empty lot, a wooded field, and there was a Spotted Deer! Turns out the lot is the back of the Guindy Zoological Park.

Hard to see the deer

This is on our side of the fence from the park!

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