Friday, November 13, 2009

Storm damage in The Nilgiris

According to news reports, we got 600mm of rain in 4 days causing flooding, landslides, trees down. Practically every road has been closed, but are now opening. The train is still not coming to Mettupalayam nearby, and the toy train that runs in the Nilgiris can't run either - my guess is the track hasn't been repaired. In the Nilgiris, the death count so far is at 80. Gopal and I are living in a hotel because I do not believe we are safe in our new home. The house is sitting on a dirt hillside and sits at the edge of an unsupported dirt cliff. The raw dirt cliff is 2 ft from our bedroom, and the shrubbery there has already fallen onto the house below.
Living in a hotel sucks, and we miss our home. We have looked at other rentals and have had lengthy discussions with our landlord. We found two places we really like, but there are shortcomings to both, and we don't want to leave our new neighborhood. The bad rains stopped 3 days ago, I think, but last night it rained hard over night. The landlord is madly trying to start construction of a retaining wall to hold the dirt cliff, and the guy who owns the house below is contributing to the cost, as you can imagine. Makes me angry. I'm also irritated that Gopal and I didn't pay attention to that raw cliff when we looked at the place initially. Hindsight. We have paid 6 months rent in advance (11 months in advance is normal).
Suzie, here are pictures of the YWCA hotel, to make you feel better.

This is outside our door and where we drink tea in the morning, weather permitting.

View from that deck. It's really goreous here.

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Dexter said...

The hotel looks really nice. I'm glad that you have such a pretty place to go during all of this. I hope you find a new place soon and that your landlord will give you back your $$.

Love you,