Wednesday, October 21, 2009

'After" pictures of the new apartment

I've been waiting to show you 'after' pictures until we finished decorating our new place, but that is not happening for various reasons. Our funds have been very tight this month, the livability of the place has been slow to come by, and we are finding that we are paying too much rent for this place. Because of the rent level, our friends here are all looking for a new place for us to live. And, the very large puppies who live here are becoming an unwanted burden for us while the owners are away. Soooo, we're not decorating, ya know? Until we work things out. Therefore, I have not given you any pictures of the outside because it is pretty junky. Much of the junk has been removed, but it still looks like a construction site, and no garden has been developed. We have one of the landlord's beds on our porch, for example, where I like to have my morning tea.

Gopal in the living room


Spare bedroom and office

Small dressing room between master bedroom and master bath.
Notice the drapes. They had these drapes made (pink and metallic gold - beautiful) for the bedrooms. Green and metallic gold for the living room.

Master bedroom. Note door to outside.


Dexter said...

Looks really nice, Mom. I'm so sorry it's not working out. I hope you had fun on your little trip!


kaka said...

this new apartment is really nice!!! is it still the same town just different apartment?

miss you~