Saturday, September 26, 2009

Yoga Class

Gopal and I have started going to yoga classes in Coonoor three times a week. For me it has been wonderful in many ways. For one thing, Gopal is coming too, which has NEVER happened. Very nice for him too. And, there are English-speaking people there. And, my body is so happy to be moving and stretching like this. At 65, it's a blessing and a miracle really. And, we are becoming friends with the teacher, Vinod. And, Vinod kept telling us there was a rental in his neighborhood in Brooklands, but we told him we were very happy where we are and want to stay and save money. He kept telling us we couldn't find deals like this and please come look. We did and are moving to Brooklands on the 28th!

The yoga class is held at The Coonoor Club.

Yoga teacher, Vinod Kumar

Gopal doing a shoulder stand.

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