Saturday, July 25, 2009

25 July 09 (Jenny's wedding day)

My niece Jenny is getting married today in Santa Barbara, California. My thoughts are with her and Greg and the whole family. Wish I was there.

In the meantime, my friend Kim wrote that her son Brian and his friend Matt are walking from Oakland, California, to Portland Oregon, to support "causes dear to their hearts" - "Brian to help fund his father's elementary school outdoor education program that was cut from the budget and Matt to support his friend Stephanie who has breast cancer." We got the e-mail while in Chennai and haven't been feeling terribly strong since. But, today, finally, we got out for our walk in support of these young men. We didn't go far, lucky to be walking.

Gopal, Carolyn, Mariama
Temple on our walking route

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KimG said...

Thanks for the post about Brian and Matt. I will make sure they see it. You can also put a comment and a photo on their web page - Their friend Sam provides them with a daily update on the comments from the sight.

Hope you feel better soon.