Monday, December 29, 2008

Orchha, Utter Pradesh 9-12 December 08

Late the evening of 6 December, TARAgram called to let me know the training (Managing Micro Enterprise: Interventions, Development and Programmes) I had registered for had been cancelled. This was a training I really wanted, so I was terribly disappointed. Since we had train tickets and were scheduled to leave the following day and since the Jhansi/Orchha area was historically significant, we decided to spend the 3-4 days sightseeing there en route to Delhi. We spent a while late at night doing some Jhansi and Orchha homework and booked a room (chancy business). Well, take a look at the pictures and see what we experienced.

A view from the train

Our hotel, Sheesh Mahal, a palace built in 1873 onto 15th century Islamic palaces, although you can't tell by this picture.
Sheesh Mahal lobby
Sheesh Mahal manager, Niraj Tiwari, who provided us with wonderful service
Our tiny little room (but the only one available with a view)
View from our room

View from just above front entrance - to the right, Raj Mahal
View from the front entrance - to the left, Jehangir Mahal
That's our window

Views from the roof of Sheesh Mahal

Front door of Jehangir Mahal ,

built in preparation for Emperor Jehangir's visit to Orchha in 1606. It is beautiful Islamic architecture with a combination of Islamic and Hindu carvings and lattice work. Apparently, later generations of Mughal emperors were not as inclusive.
Bridal suite

Jehangir Mahal
Courtyard inside the Jehangir Mahal
I was not able to show you anything that shows you the scale of this gorgeous place.(Our guide, the head of the government archaeological office on site, said the emperor only spent one night in this palace, and it was never inhabited by anyone else.)

Beautiful carving work.

Gopal's second haircut

There were beautiful temples, chatris, and other homes, ancient camel stables, etc. It was wonderful. It was hard to leave.


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